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Are you looking for a partner to support you with your learning and development activities? ZEIJN is a coaching and training firm specialized in personal- and organisational development. Would you like to know more about our services and approach then please see the section about working with ZEIJN, or give us a call.
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 The inspiration for ZEIJN are the ancient Greeks, and Aristotle referred to it as eudaimonia:

A person’s or organization’s tendency to actualize him- or herself in order to become his- or her potentialities.
The urge to expand, develop and mature.
The tendency to express and activate all the capacities 
which await only the proper conditions to be released and expressed.
                                                                                                                                   – Rogers

Based on this deeply rooted conviction it is ZEIJN’s ambition to support professionals and organizations in their path towards who they (really) are.

Authentic, connected and successful.

Who is ZEIJN

About Zeijn

Great that you want to get to know the person behind ZEIJN. My name is Saskia van den Berge.
As a young child I lived in several countries with my parents, brothers and sisters and as such deep-dived into various cultures and languages.. ... read more »

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Would you like to work with ZEIJN?

ZEIJN believes in the creativity and power of the individual and of the organization. ZEIJN advises, coaches and trains with the conviction that everything you need is already present.
Fulfillment, balance and the process of being are key drivers.

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Review Experience of P. Nicolaï / L&D Specialist - Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care

Saskia is a passionate trainer and coach who, with lots of energy, a high level of emotional intelligence and a sincere interest in the person and his/her goals, guides participants to new insights. By creating interactive and customized programs and thoroughly applying these she knows how to engage participants and empowers them to make new steps in their growth process. I can highly recommend working with Saskia.