Privacy- and cookiestatement (June 2018)

ZEIJN: Advice, Coaching and Training is a bureau specialized in organizational- and personal development. ZEIJN is located in Huizen,(Amsterdam), The Netherlands.
0031 (0) 6 24886368
Registered @ Chambers of Commerce Amsterdam with number: 66906946

ZEIJN will never mis-use personal data, neither shall ZEIJN ever sell personal data to third parties. All personal data shall be treated confidentially. De processing of data will always follow the demands of the Law Personal Data (Wet Persoonsgegevens NL).

The website does make use of some modules and services in which personal data is used. This document explains how the data is used.

When you contact ZEIJN, then ZEIJN will hold on to your email adres and phone number with the sole purpose of contactacting you when necessary. ZEIJN makes use of Google Analytics to see how visitors found ZEIJN’s website. However, we do not receive IP addresses or other personal data.

Your personal data will only be used in order to contact you or to send you news when relevant. The ZEIJN website runs on MaxiCMS, a system which enables ZEIJN to keep the site updated directly and whenever needed. The vendor for this system is Cupella Webservices.
ZEIJN bought the webservices from HIPPIT ( who is an intermediary.

In order to anaylyse visitor’s data, ZEIJN uses Google Analytics. This information is anonymous because we follow the guidelines from the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Authority Personal Data). On ZEIJN’s site we place no advertisement from third parties. Therefore there are no cookies that can track your visits or profile your interest.

ZEIJN has, via HIPPIT (webdesigner):
- accepted a processing statement with Google
- shut down areas of data tracking
- enabled the function to make ip addresses anonymous
- shut down the functions for sharing of data with Google for advertorial means
- shut down the option for User ID’s Hippit has ensured compliance of these setting for all her clients, including ZEIJN.

Besides tracking the statistics of the site anonymously, functional cookies are used only for the sole purpose of the ZEIJN site.